How does exercise improve gut bacteria?


The benefits of good gut bacteria

Humans have evolved to live with microbes for millions of years.

During this time, microbes have learned to play very important roles in the human body. In fact, without the gut microbiome, it would be very difficult to survive. Your intestines are home to trillions of fungi, bacteria and viruses, collectively known as microorganisms or microbes, and they have a vital role in controlling your digestion, immune system and central nervous system functioning. This microbiome contributes to your overall health.

By having a diverse and thriving gut microbe colony, it means you’re less likely to get sick.

Correlation between exercise and an improvement in the microbiome

In a recent study on humans, 18 lean and 14 obese, inactive patients were selected and their gut microbiome sampled before and after the six-week study. The patients were then instructed to do a cardiovascular workout for 30-60 minutes, three times a week over a six week period. The study aimed to see if there was a link between exercise and the gut microbiome – just the same as there is a correlation between diet and gut microbes.

Patients were told to maintain their usual diet and when the study concluded to revert to their previous inactive lifestyle.

The results indicated a change in all patients gut microbiome – to varying degrees. In specific, there was an increase in short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) production, these SCFA are produced by good microbes and are have a role in preventing inflammatory diseases. Interestingly, these higher SCFA levels declined once the patients returned to their sedentary lifestyle.

There were further differences in findings between lean and obese patients. Lean participants saw an even greater uptick in SCFA than their overweight counterparts.

Ample proof that exercise – independent of diet – is just as important to leading a healthy lifestyle as it promotes a flourishing gut flora. Can you imagine if you both ate and exercised for your best health, how vibrantly healthy you’d be?

Exercise for a more vibrant gut microbiome

There we have it, one more motivation to exercise regularly, science has handed us another reason why – it’s good for our gut health. And good gut health plays a huge role in keeping our bodies more resistant to illness. That said, lets exercise regularly to improve gut health and our overall health.

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